Emergency Tree Removal Service

Here is an example of what can happen when trees are not trimmed properly and allowed to grow too tall without being occasionally shaped or pruned. This is a tree that blew down in Costa Mesa, CA in Santa Ana wind conditions. The tree was uprooted and fell across a dividing concrete wall. In addition to breaking the concrete wall, the tree fell on a neighbor's roof and made numerous holes. The falling tree also cracked the joists and rafters and they will have to replace the roof of the neighbor. In this case, luckily the homeowner was insured and their insurance will cover the loss and destruction to their home and that of the neighbor. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in this case.


Tree fallen on a neighbor's home

Emergency tree removal job in Costa Mesa, California

Tree knocked over in Santa Ana winds

Damage to the block wall from downed tree in Orange County, CA.



Downed tree in Costa Mesa, CA
Employees cutting up tree knocked down by Santa Ana winds Workers removing fallen tree
Root ball of the downed tree
Hole in roof from tree
Damage to common concrete wall
Neighbor's roof damage from the fallen tree Broken skylight on neighbor's home


The photo to the left shows
all that is left from the fallen tree
are a few chips and mulch.



Emergency Tree Removal Services

Don't let the above tree problem happen to you. Make sure to trim and prune your trees when necessary. If you have trees on your property that are getting too large and you want them removed to be safe, please give us at call. We are very aggressive on our pricing. In addition to being VERY competitive on our pricing, we are licensed and insured.


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