We Recycle Our Trees, Trunks, Stumps, Branches, and Leaves!

Our tree service company is leading the way with green recycling. Due to global warming, pollution and lack of landfill space, we have teamed up with Aguinaga Green Wood Recyclers. We do our part on tree debris disposal, and all of our debris is 100% recycled, whether it is used for mulch, compost, or other organic uses. It does NOT go to a landfill.

Our tree cuttings and tree debris is recycled at Aguinaga Green Wood Recyclers. Recycled materials from tree removals and tree trimming services are ground up and again reground to produce wood mulch, fine wood mulch for soils, and compost. Their facility also strives for clean green waste and does not send it to a land fill.

You can be confident that when you use our company, you are also doing your part to save our precious natural resources.

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