Nobody can prevent storms, accidents, or air pollution from causing damage to the trees and plants in your yard. It is however, possible to recapture your landscaping losses through and insurance claim. It is also possible to deduct the losses from your federal income taxes (Consult your tax professional).

How much are the trees and landscaping in your yard worth? Probably more than you think. Many homeowners invest a lot of time, effort, care and money into landscaping their property. They expect and get beauty and shade in return. The unexpected return on that investment is that the trees have a monetary value as well.

You should stop and consider that the landscaping on your property can be worth up to 20 percent or more of your home’s total property value. It is easy to understand why it is worthwhile to protect the investment you have made. A tree’s value is based upon four factors: size of the tree, type of tree, tree condition, and overall tree location based on its aesthetic purpose. A professional tree and landscape appraiser can judge and determine where your trees or plants fall under those categories.

Should your trees and landscape become damaged, we recommend that you:
1. Contact your homeowner’s insurance company.
2. Have the insurance company send a professional tree and landscaping appraiser to your property as quickly as possible after the damage occurred.
3. Have the professional appraiser determine your financial loss which should include the cost of removal, repair or replanting.
4. Forward a copy of the appraiser’s report to your tax professional for any possible deduction on your federal income tax return.

We suggest you document your investment in your landscaping to help establish its worth and value. You also should take periodic photos or movies while they are healthy to make insurance processing and negotiating a more simple process. Supply to the professional appraiser as much before and after evidence that you can provide.


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